24 things I hope to do in 2024.

This is a Sunday Site by stieglitzz.

1. Plan less so that I can do more.

2. Start writing letters to my penpals again.

3. Find a new location for Zine Station.

4. Update my personal website.

5. Sort through my floordrobe.

6. Get a perm.

7. Attend a Raspberry Pi Meetup.

8. Stop eating at night.

9. Clean up the study.

11. Setup the riso.

12. Start a coding club.

13. Hang out with dad more.

14. Grieve.

15. Take more breaks.

16. Work out how and why things should be linked in Obsidian.

17. Make a new zine for Festival of the Photocopier.

18. Sew a dress.

19. Design a calendar for 2025.

20. Build a website for Minikin Studio.

21. Create a run of zines where each issue is hand printed.

11. Buy a new couch.

23. Learn javascript.

24. Move more.

25. Go to a ceramics class with Mark.